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It is about expanding your business consistently and smart.

Sell with purpose. Get results.  


Who we are.

The formula: Sales Uberization*

We are not brokers, we are not consultants, we are not distributors! 

We literally become your company's sales force.  

We developed this model after years of struggling into finding the right formula to avoid extra costs that take you out of the market price, communication blocks that let you out of your customer‘s feedback and hours in consulting work that becomes so complicated to execute.  

The formula is simple, and simple is better.
Our model provides full visibility to our clients, direct contact with their prospects and complete activity tracking on our sales efforts.

*Property of a highly networked business, to hit peak efficiencies in sales, providing highly economical and efficient services



Business "Entrepreneurs" section @ El Pais Newspaper from Spain

If we had to define GüipUp with just words, we would choose: Vision, Risk-taker, Focus and Passion among others.
A vision that not only stayed there, but also had to take the necessary risks to transform it into a model that required focus, passion, time and dedication.

This article written by El Pais, is the reflection of the hard work and determination of our team.

Catalonia "Innovators" section @ La Vanguardia Newspaper from Spain


During 2020, we were able to strengthen GüipUp through a business plan, which encouraged us to continue despite the adversities and difficulties that arose, especially during the pandemic.

In this article written by La Vanguardia, our remote work model, light structure and response to the need for B2B business relationships were key elements to generate the growth we were looking for.

Congrats GÜIPUP team!


Movers & Shakers award 2020. Barcelona International Business Club.

Industry awards, like Movers & Shakers by Barcelona International Business Club seek to reward the best of the best. Stop. Read that again, “the best of the best.” Not the best of the bunch. Or the best of the worse. Or even the best of those we could round up.

Congrats GÜIPUP team!

Why us.

Because we give you the strategy, expertise, network, full visibility, hard work and coordination of the best professionals on the field at an affordable cost based on a success proven model.

Because we make it simple, affordable and very easy to approach the international markets under full visibility. Our model provides you with a strong and experienced sales force team to take you along the internationalization process.

We support.

The Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) are a set of Principles offering guidance to business on how to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community.

How we help.

We have a team of over 20 specialists waiting to work on the next big thing.


One of the most important facts about entering a market is to define strategies, it is a must to compete smart when getting introduced or when creating new markets. We find why, what, where, when and how come…


We define and observe your consumer, detect opportunities and find their needs. We let you know what is or is not doing the competition in the market. We are on-site and that is the way we can predict trends… 


We make the hard work for you! We find the right leads and get in contact with them. We make the cold calls, e-mails, follow ups, sampling, appointments and we give you full visibility over the process through our web CRM. 

Negotiation & Closure

Have you ever wonder why some agreements between different countries take so long? It is a matter of culture and communication barriers! We know how speed up this process and find the right way for you.  


We efficiently communicate your company's objectives to prospects and coordinate your Sales campaigns, Brochures, Sales Sheets, Events, Exhibitions, Seminars, Trade Shows, PPRR accordingly. 


 We're constantly evaluating results and making live improvements to the sales strategy to achieve the best results for your company.

Meet your new sales team.

Let's hop on a quick, free call and talk about you, your ideas, and opportunities.