A team to build your sales dream.

GüipUp is focused on attracting the right solutions team for all of our clients.

The traits of our Sales team include a history of measurable impact in a previous sales role on some, as well as intangible attributes like soft skills and passion on others.
Their sellers’ job goes beyond the words and statistics; and extends to their ability to tell stories that prospects can relate to.
They’ve grit, creativity, and the ability to empathize and understand our customer’s businesses and problems. They understands the uniqueness of their challenges and goals, and finds a way to communicate solutions that make prospects more successful

We want to understand you, your team, your customer and your company.
Most importantly, we want to know where you want to go, so we can help you get there!

Meet our directors and their team below to get an intro on our office. 

Lourdes Cuevas.

She has +20 year in sales, expansion and market internationalization experience. Leader in strategic planning, concept development, innovation and communication. Recognized for its ability to resolve conflicts and execute strategies. Specialist in negotiations between different cultural areas. She has participated in different initiatives to promote entrepreneurs and women's empowerment groups. Its mission is to motivate, summon and share to achieve the multiplying effect of the sum of wills with the same objectives.

Pilar Macchiavello.

Business professional with +12 years of experience, oriented on results and with awareness of the impact that the commercial and marketing departments have on the growth of companies. She has experience with insights of buyers (and consumers), as well as market research, strategy, marketing and innovation. Over +9 years of experience in own brand development for USA, Latin America & Europe, with a solid reputation as a problem solver and creative tactician in the sales and international expansion fields.  

Cecilia Tammling.

Through her experience in food Retail Operations, she has developed a great skill in recognizing at which point the company should change their approach to have a better chance of success.
Her experience in the aviation industry provides powerful insights and solid contributions to logistic strategies and negotiations. She has conflict management skills, quick thinking during unexpected confrontations and good judgment when considering how to address noncompliance issues.

Carmen Rivas.

Business professional with +20 years of experience in IT companies, she understands how to make USA processes work in Latin America to achieve solid results by adapting quickly to different cultures.
She has good customer service skills to address client concerns, ability to creating a positive sales environment and broad understanding and respect of different cultures.

Nicolas Macchiavello.

+4 years experience in the FMCG and Technology Industry. He has worked in different markets, categories and companies and has held leadership positions that give him great insight to the whole of retail and all its moving parts.
Overachiever committed to the company goals, and is always looking to implement new processes to improve the current way of doing business.

Bianca Barberia.

Business professional with +5 years of experience as a lawyer, mainly focusing on risk management, she has a great ability to resolve conflicts and be the perfect mediator between the company and the future clients. Her unique background provides legal certainty in, sometimes, uncertain markets.
She's results oriented, has pragmatic thinking and the ability to persuade and negotiate out of tight spot.

Lucia Romero.

Experience supporting in the application of internal communication strategies, optimization of internal communication channels, measurement of communication activities in the region, adaptation of global campaigns for the region.
She has the ability to connect with clients, and to communicate the advantages of the product or service we offer in a practical and simple way.

Jatna Joyce.

Dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record of managing projects from concept to completion. Skilled in management, with exceptional communication skills. Adaptable and transformational leader with ability to work independently and in groups, creating effective presentations, and developing opportunities that further establish organizational goals.

Vanessa D'Angelo.

Marketing profession with more than 10 years of experience in beverage, technology,  fashion, and personal care companies in the USA, Latin America, and Europe.
Strong capabilities in marketing strategic plans, capitalizing market opportunities, development, and launching of new products.
Result and customer-oriented always looking to add value to clients.

Luis Manuel De Coto.

Sales professional with +15 years experience in the FMCG industry.
Specialized in Sales and business management, with strong capabilities in prospecting, lead finding and lead cataloging.

Gaby Serrano.

Sales professional with +20 years of experience in the Mexican retail market, the management of promoters and administrative staff, category developer, and development of own brand products, implementation of promotions and follow-up and management of self-service portals.

Ismar Castellanos.

Professional with +13 years of professional experience in QA, QC, R&D, cGMP's, FDA, ISO Regulations for Food, OTC, and Cosmetics industries. Track record of success in aligning goals to drive process improvement and productivity, working comfortably in teams, excellent organization skills.

GüipUp was nominated as Finalist for the Movers & Shakers awards 2020 by Barcelona International Business Club 

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